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Invitation to apply for Cheops Science Team Associate

1 Feb 2017, 08:20 UTC
Invitation to apply for Cheops Science Team Associate

Invitation to apply for Cheops Science Team Associate
CLOSING deadline: 1 March 2017
We invite proposals from motivated scientists to join the Cheops Science Team as a CHEOPS Science Team Associate member (CSTA). CHEOPS is a photometric satellite to be launched in late 2018 into low Earth orbit. CHEOPS will carry out a comprehensive observation program related to exoplanet science. CHEOPS nominal operations are currently planned for 3.5 years. Information about the mission and mission consortium may be found at (http://cheops.unibe.ch). A good overview of the consortium scientific program may be obtained by browsing through contributions to the CHEOPS workshop held in 2016 at Geneva http://cheops.unige.ch/meetings/science-workshop-04/.
The CHEOPS mission consortium has received 80% of the satellite’s observing time as guaranteed time observing (GTO) to carry out its scientific program. The CHEOPS Science Team (CST), which consists of 31 members, is responsible for the preparation and the scientific exploitation of this program. CSTAs will join the CST in carrying out these tasks. We anticipate making up to 5 such appointments of two years’ duration, with a possibility for a one-year extension in motivated cases.
CSTAs are expected to take an active role in the preparation of the GTO program and its exploitation. The CST will be particularly interested in proposed contributions related to aspects of global mission performance. These include calibration monitoring and data reduction aiming at maximizing the scientific return of the mission. CSTAs should be willing to devote a significant share of their time to the proposed tasks (25% or more would be envisaged), and bring added values to the CST activities. CSTA shall be accountable to the PI to carry out the activities for which they have been selected. In return, CSTAs will be granted the same privileges as regular CST members for the duration of their appointment.
A CSTA application should include: (a) Curriculum Vitae (1 page); (b) a list of publications; (c) a narrative with no more 10,000 characters1 describing the proposed contribution including its relevance to the scientific operations of CHEOPS and the candidate’s suitability and availability to carry out the proposed task; (d) a narrative with no more than 5,000 characters2 describing past experience relevant to the proposed contribution; (e) a short supporting letter from the candidate’s Head of Department or line manager at the host institution/supervisor confirming availability of the proposed fraction of fulltime effort and “sufficient travel support to attend 3 Science Team meetings and a workshop within Europe per year”.
The proposal material should be sent to Sara Bowen (Sara.Bowen@unige.ch) as a single file in PDF format, by email, with “CHEOPS-CSTA” in the subject line before the closing deadline.
Enquiries about this invitation should be directed, in the first instance, to Didier Queloz (dq212@cam.ac.uk) chair of the CHEOPS Science Team.
1,2 Including space but excluding references
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