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Postdoctoral research position: Follow-up and analysis of high-precision RV surveys

1 Jun 2016, 14:28 UTC
Postdoctoral research position: Follow-up and analysis of high-precision RV surveys

Location: University of Geneva
Project: Extrasolar planets, detection and characterisation
Project leader: Stéphane Udry (Stephane.Udry@unige.ch)
Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research position in the field of exoplanet science, focusing primarily on the detection and characterisation of low-mass exoplanets through high-resolution spectroscopy and state-of-the-art analysis of radial-velocity time series using advanced mathematical and statistical tools. The research will build on the exploitation of data from long-term surveys of large samples of solar-type stars.
Requirements: PhD in astrophysics. The successful applicant is expected to have demonstrated experience in exoplanet detection methods including high-resolution spectroscopy and precise radial-velocity observations, a solid knowledge about physical stellar phenomena, and a strong mathematical background in the signal analysis of time series.
Place: The Department of Astronomy of the University of Geneva offers a modern and vibrant work environment, with a wide range of activities including theory, numerical simulations, observations and instrumental developments in the domains of exoplanets, stellar physics, galactic dynamics, observational cosmology and high-energy astrophysics. The exoplanet team is especially well renown, with strong involvement in planet detection, the determination of the planet physical properties, the characterisation of planet atmospheres, and the development of an associated world-class instrumentation. We are also co-leading the Swiss-wide National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) PlanetS, dedicated to the study of the origin, evolution, and characterisation of planets inside and outside our Solar System. The applicant will also have the opportunity to develop collaborations with members of PlanetS.
Start: The starting date of the position is negotiable, and could start as early as September 2016.
Duration: The length of a postdoc contract is of 2 years, with possible extension depending on funding.
Salary: Swiss postdoc salaries are extremely competitive (starting at 81’000 CHF a year, commensurable with experience) even considering local costs of living. They are set by standard local regulations (i.e. the salary scale of the University of Geneva).
How to apply: Interested applicants should contact Prof. Stéphane Udry (stephane.udry@unige.ch) and provide in a single pdf file:

a curriculum vitae and a list of publications;
a one page motivation letter;
a short research statement describing past achievements and future projects.

Also please arrange for letters of references (pdf) to be e-mailed to the project leader and indicate contact details of up to 3 reference persons.
Complete applications received by June 30, 2016, will receive full considerations. Past this date, applications will be considered depending on availability.
For more details visit: http://www.exoplanets.ch/vacancies/
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