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A Babe in the Universe

Play It Again Sam

12 Feb 2011, 06:57 UTC
Play It Again Sam
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The Houston area has a new stage production of Woody Allen's PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. Woody's character dates a variety of women, giving someone the chance to play multiple roles. Vanessa the redhead has her own distinct philosophy:VANESSA: I've had many men, my first at twelve. After that it was an endless stream. Poets, writers. I lived in a house with five actors. Some of them were gay, but what does it matter? I straightened them out. It was a challenge. My life has been a continual round of orgies. I took on the entire Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity at Yale in three hours. It's still a record in New Haven. I've always thought of sex as something open and wonderul, to be enjoyed as fully and frequently as possible. What do you take me for?A more educated view of cosmology is given by this intellectual girl:GIRL: It restates the negativeness of the universe. The hideous, lonely emptiness of existence. Nothingness. The predicament of man, forced to live in a barren, godless eternity. A tiny flame flickering in an immense void with nothing but waste, horror and degradation forming a useless bleak straitjacket in a black, absurd cosmos.ALLEN: What are ...

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