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NASA’s Apollo 15 Mission: A Kid’s View from 1971

29 Jul 2021, 13:41 UTC
NASA’s Apollo 15 Mission: A Kid’s View from 1971
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This is truly a golden age for space enthusiasts. Not only is there an ever-expanding number of interesting government-sponsored and commercial space projects underway, but the internet provides incredible access to news about the latest developments. Events ranging from landings on Mars to the day-to-day activities on the International Space Station are regularly streamed live as they happen for the world to watch with high quality digital images, videos and in-depth articles available online within hours.
A view of the control room at JPL during live video coverage of the landing of the Perseverance Mars rover on February 18, 2021. (NASA/JPL-Caltech)
For old time space enthusiasts like myself, such access to information about space was just a dream a half century ago as NASA flew the Apollo missions to the Moon. Back then, information was typically available via print media from daily newspapers, weekly news magazines and monthly periodicals. Coverage was also provided by radio and TV but, with a limited number of broadcast stations (during the early ‘70s, there were only a half dozen TV stations in the Boston market where I grew up), only the most significant space-related events got covered in any way and fewer still were ...

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