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The Intersect of Art and Astronomy

29 Jul 2021, 13:42 UTC
The Intersect of Art and Astronomy
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Title: Astro-animation – A case study of art and science educationAuthors: Laurence Arcadias, Robin H.D. Corbet, Declan McKenna, Isabella PotenzianiFirst Author’s Institution: Maryland Institute College of ArtStatus: Accepted for publication in Animation Practice, Process & Production [pre-print available on arxiv] Astronomy is both a complex scientific endeavor as well as a deeply human experience. The night sky links us all to a collective heritage, making astronomy uniquely situated to address the perceived divide between science and society. The intersect between art and science (commonly called STEAM) is utilized primarily to deconstruct harmful narratives surrounding science. Art highlights creativity and innovation, both necessary for practicing science, along with putting emphasis on individual interpretation. Misconceptions surrounding science paint it as an objective truth detached from the individual. This is hardly an accurate representation of the scientific process; science is an effort to understand the world around us, which can change on an individual level. It is the collective of different experiences of the natural world that more accurately represents science. The authors of today’s paper describe an application of STEAM specifically to address the science-society divide. Their work consists of an astro-animation class taught at the Maryland Institute College of Art that ...

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