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Vega C, a new generation launcher

2 Mar 2021, 17:38 UTC
Vega C, a new generation launcher
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Vega C is the next generation of the European small lift launcher developed by Avio and is now ready for the maiden flight. The rocket will also launch the Space Rider in the near future and a new smaller and versatile version is under development.
Since the beginning of the Vega program, improved versions of the European small lift launcher were envisioned by the developer and main contractor: Avio. The first of these versions is Vega C (Vega Consolidated). The new rocket is more powerful than its predecessor, being capable of lifting up to 2,300 kilograms in Low Earth Orbit, about 60% more than the previous version. Vega C has the same configuration in common with Vega, consisting of three solid propelled stages and one liquid propelled upper stage. All the components have passed the scheduled tests needed before the first flight.

The first stage is the P120C. This solid rocket motor will lift the rocket off the pad and will propel it for the first 132.8 seconds. It will also be used as strap-on booster for the new European medium-heavy lift rocket Ariane 6. The second stage is the Zefiro 40, which will take over the flight for the ...

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