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Astrobites at AAS 237: Day 2

13 Jan 2021, 14:00 UTC
Astrobites at AAS 237: Day 2
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Welcome to the virtual winter American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting! Astrobites is attending the conference as usual, and we will report highlights from each day here. If you’d like to see more timely updates during the day, we encourage you to search the #aas237 hashtag on twitter. We’ll be posting once a day during the meeting, so be sure the visit the site often to catch all the news!

Artist’s illustration of a distant quasar surrounded by a swirling, superheated accretion disk. [NOIRLab/NSF/AURA/J. da Silva]

Plenary: Prize Presentations (by Abby Waggoner)Day two of AAS 237 began with a brief overview of outstanding astronomers and the awards they received for their contribution to the field. All of the awardees are listed in this twitter thread, along with a description of the awardees’ accomplishments. Awards ranged across all fields of astronomy, including instrumentation, theory, education, writing, and more. Congratulations to all of the awardees!Live-tweeting of the session by Abby Waggoner

Plenary: A New Era for Galactic Dynamics in the Milky Way (by Briley Lewis)This morning’s first plenary was from Adrian Price-Whelan (Flatiron Institute), astronomer and astropy developer. He opened with a message that likely resonated with many of us, acknowledging how ...

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