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FROG, an Innovative Collaborative Project on Rocket Reuse

28 Nov 2020, 12:48 UTC
FROG, an Innovative Collaborative Project on Rocket Reuse
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The experimental rocket in flight. (Credit: CNES)

This experimental rocket offers a learning and development platform in the field of reusable launchers. It is developed within an associative framework bringing together CNES and university, scientific and industrial partners.

PARIS (CNES PR) — Combining in the same program a high-level collaborative and educational project and an agile experimental approach around the reuse of a miniature launcher. These are the ambitions of the FROG initiative , launched by CNES with university and association partners and start-ups.

The program consists of developing an experimental vehicle to test guidance, navigation and control (GNC) algorithms allowing its takeoff, stable vertical flight at low altitude and landing. By bringing together contributors from various backgrounds and specialists in their field, it aims to learn to work and innovate differently, and to harness new energies and ideas outside the traditional frameworks of space programs.

2 Miniature Rocket Prototypes

The project includes the production of two prototypes of launchers 3 m high and 25 cm in diameter , and the development of software programs to make them take off and land vertically.

The first, powered by a model-making fighter jet turbojet capable of pushing 40 kg vertically, ...

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