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Beyond: Making Astronomy DIY During a Pandemic

20 Nov 2020, 18:08 UTC
Beyond: Making Astronomy DIY During a Pandemic
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Disclaimer: I am an active member of Dark Skies, Bright Kids!
Imagine a Scientist…Before we get into today’s beyond post, I’d like to ask that you take a second and imagine a scientist. What do they look like? What are they wearing? What are they doing? What makes them a scientist? Everyone who answers those questions will answer them differently, but the sad reality is that the majority of people imagine the same thing when asked to picture a scientist. White men in labcoats. And unfortunately, the demographics of astronomers in the United States reflects this stereotype. Today, scientists are working to remove these stereotypes (check out the Astrobites Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series).

This figure contains images of DSBK volunteers and students over the past few years. We work primarily with children grades 3-5, as studies have shown that this is the age range many underserved students start to lose interest in STEM.
There are many ways for scientists to be more inclusive, but one graduate-student lead organization aims to aid in diversity, equity, and inclusion by working directly with children to remove these stereotypes. Dark Skies, Bright Kids! (DSBK) is a non-profit volunteer organization lead by the ...

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