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HPF discovers a Jupiter transiting the cool star TOI-1899

15 Sep 2020, 15:07 UTC
HPF discovers a Jupiter transiting the cool star TOI-1899
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HPF has confirmed the planetary nature of a single-transiting Jupiter-sized planet (1.15 Jupiter radii) orbiting a nearby low mass M dwarf star on an orbital period of ~29 days. The paper has been published in the Astronomical Journal and is available on arXiv.
TESS observes a single transit
NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission conducted a 2-year (2018-2020) all-sky survey with the goal of identifying exoplanets transiting bright, nearby stars. TESS is currently on an extended mission where it will continue its search for exoplanets. The video below contains additional information on TESS and its survey strategy:

Due to the nature of TESS’s observing strategy and design, it will search for exoplanets in 85% of the entire sky. However, 74% of this total sky coverage will only be observed for almost 1 month. Consequently, TESS will find single events which may be caused by genuine transiting exoplanets that have no detectable period. An analyses of the TESS yield, predicts that a few hundred single transit events will be detected by TESS, with an estimated 80 of these signals originating from planets located in the habitable zone at distances from the host star where water, if present, could exist in ...

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