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A Look at Europe’s Reusable Themis Booster Project

14 Sep 2020, 23:00 UTC
A Look at Europe’s Reusable Themis Booster Project
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Themis rocket in flight. (Credit: CNES)

CNES Program Description

With ArianeWorks, CNES and ArianeGroup have acquired an innovation accelerator that disrupts practices and frees energy. First project: the development of Themis, a prototype of a first stage of a reusable launcher.

Accelerate the pace of innovation and prepare the successor to Ariane 6 by 2030. This is the roadmap for ArianeWorks, a joint team set up by CNES and ArianeGroup in 2019 to embody their vision of the future.

This defines 2 main objectives: halve the cost of launches and greatly reduce their environmental impact. Original in its approach, the structure of 15 people reconciles the new innovation practices and agility specific to New Space with the production capacities and the more than 40 years of expertise of the two historical players to which it is backed.

Today, we have to go faster, ArianeWorks brings this speed factor. We are working on the complex elements of this future Ariane to “debug” them, accelerate them, find funding to achieve them.— Jérôme Vila, animator of ArianeWorks

The change of pace requires new working methods. ArianeWorks innovates by freeing itself from the usual phasing of space programs. The agile development leads to ...

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