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Women in Astronomy

AASWomen Newsletter for September 11, 2020

11 Sep 2020, 20:00 UTC
AASWomen Newsletter for September 11, 2020
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AAS Committee on the Status of Women Emily Calandrelli (item 4). Credit: Netflix AAS Committee on the Status of WomenIssue of September 11, 2020eds: Heather Flewelling, Nicolle Zellner, Maria Patterson, Alessandra Aloisi, and Jeremy Bailin[We hope you all are taking care of yourselves and each other. Be well! --eds.]This week's issues:1. Retiring STATUS2. Measures to Support Faculty During COVID-193. NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunities4. Slime, tornadoes, and static electricity: How the host of ‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’ wants to teach kids about science5. Where are Africa's women in STEM?6. Job Opportunities7. How to Submit to the AASWOMEN newsletter8. How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the AASWOMEN newsletter9. Access to Past Issues1. Retiring STATUSFrom: Nicolle Zellner via womeninastronomy.blogspot.comFirst published in 1987, Status was the semiannual print (then electronic) publication of the CSWA. However, no issue has been published since January 2016. In early 2020, the CSWA voted to officially retire Status. Read more at http://womeninastronomy.blogspot.com/2020/08/retiring-status.html Back to top.2. Measures to Support Faculty During COVID-19From: Jeremy Bailin [jbailin_at_ua.edu]By Ethel L. Mickey, Dessie Clark and Joya Misra "Some colleges and universities have outlined plans for the safe return of students this fall, but many of us are left wondering how institutions will support ...

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