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September 7-13, 2020 / Vol 39, No 36 / Hawai`i Island, USA

4 Sep 2020, 20:17 UTC
September 7-13, 2020 / Vol 39, No 36 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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Artemis Program Extends More Branches Connecting Public-Private, Science-Commerce
Newest expansion of Artemis Program includes due dates for Artemis Science white papers and Lunar Surface Technology Research (LuSTR) proposals, and the review of PRIME-1 contractor bids. Due on September 8 are White Papers proposing science to be conducted by 2-crew Artemis 3 at Moon South Pole in 2024. On Sep 9, LuSTR proposals are due from Universities to support sustainable Moon operations including advanced tech for ISRU and power. Winners could receive up to US$2M. The 14 CLPS contractors were asked to submit bids to fly drill & mass spectrometer Polar Resources Ice Mining Experiment (PRIME-1) to Moon South Pole Region by December 2022. The winning contractor could be announced before October. PRIME-1 is a precursor for TRIDENT drill and spectrometer being readied for South Pole VIPER rover flying on Astrobotic late 2023 via $199.5M contract. The nicknamed ‘19D contract’ for an equatorial mission should also be solicited before the end of the year. Artemis program reach is extending through various contracts for human and cargo systems, instrument developments, R&D programs, international collaborations and national policy developments including Artemis Accords. At its peak Apollo is reported to have employed 400,000 ...

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