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Night Log 2020-08-19

20 Aug 2020, 05:50 UTC
Night Log 2020-08-19
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SA: Enrico
SO: Fred
Others: Rudi, Marissa


Mostly clear night with good seeing, enabling us to do many high priority blocks and some lower priority filler blocks.

Science data taken for:
2018-1-SCI-012 P0 RSS (Studying the spectral evolution of a blended gravitational microlensing event in the Milky Way)
2020-1-SCI-037 P0 HRS (RV Followup of TESS Planet Candidate)
2020-1-SCI-019 P1 HRS (Monitoring an intriguing class of luminous binary stars)
2020-1-SCI-033 P1 RSS (Characterising the UV emission in hyperluminous, dust-obscured quasars)
2020-1-SCI-027 P1 RSS (Redshift measurements of BL Lac objects for the CTA project)
2018-1-MLT-004 P1 RSS (Dark energy and the expansion rate of the Universe from quasar monitoring.)
2020-1-MLT-001 P1 RSS (M-sigma relation for a low mass AGNs)
2020-1-SCI-020 P1 HRS (Studies of new heart-beating stars.)
2019-1-LSP-001 P2 RSS (Tracing the evolution of the most massive galaxies in the universe)
2020-1-MLT-002 P2 HRS (HRS study of long-period eclipsing binaries)
2019-2-SCI-006 P3 HRS (Investigating the multiplicity of WR stars)
2020-1-SCI-016 P3 RSS (Confirming green pea galaxies from the HSC survey)
2020-1-SCI-023 P4 HRS (Probing the binarity of a sample of galactic proto-planetary nebulae)
2020-1-SCI-008 P4 HRS (x2) (Searching for dormant black holes in binary systems)


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