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The Astroholic

The Astroholic Explains S02E07 – The Fate Of The Sun

4 Aug 2020, 08:10 UTC
The Astroholic Explains S02E07 – The Fate Of The Sun
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We are back with a big apocalyptic question! In this episode, we talk about how the Sun will change and evolve and how that will impact the planets, moons, and space rocks of the Solar System

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AlfredoWelcome to the Astra Holic explains a podcast where we try to explain the universe greatest mysteries with fictional stories Q and A’s and interviews, joined Dr. Alfredo Canetti, the self styled Astro Holic. And Chris, my partner in life and in science,

Chrisfeaturing experts and brilliant voice actors join us in a light hearted journey of discovery.

Today, I’m back on my apocalyptical bullshit. And we’re going to go on another adventure down a “What if” scenario!


ChrisEverything seems quite bleak at the moment to put it, frankly. But it could be worse. And you know how it could be worse.


Christhe sun could explode.

AlfredoNot really

Well, I mean, it could get bigger.

Yeah, yeah.

ChrisAnd when it gets bigger, it could just start eating planets. Because in my limited understanding of what stars do, during or before supernova, they get bigger. And bigger and anything that happens ...

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