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Women in Astronomy

Meet Your CSWA, Jeremy Bailin

28 Jul 2020, 19:00 UTC
Meet Your CSWA, Jeremy Bailin
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Jeremy Bailin is an Associate Professor at the University of Alabama. His research involves galaxy formation using computer simulations, observations in the optical and radio, and phenomenological models. He is particularly interested in the outskirts of galaxies — stellar halos, circumgalactic medium, globular clusters, and satellite galaxies. He teaches courses from introductory astronomy to graduate astrophysics, and is involved in astronomy education research. Jeremy joined the CSWA in 2019, and is particularly interested in how the CSWA’s mission plays out in university education (particularly in mid-range size institutions, where the most undergraduates encounter astronomy), and in LGBT+ issues. Describe the first time you made a personal connection with the planets and starsI grew up in Toronto, which has a lot of light pollution, so the most personal connections I made with the universe were when I moved to Arizona and regularly saw dark skies. There was one evening in particular when I was lying on the porch staring up and seeing the ecliptic as traced by Venus and Jupiter and the recently-set Sun, and for the first time I switched perspectives and truly felt in my mind that I was on a spinning sphere instead of a motionless plane. How ...

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