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Space Force Begins Transition into Field Organizational Structure

25 Jul 2020, 19:01 UTC
Space Force Begins Transition into Field Organizational Structure
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WASHINGTON, (AFNS) — During a virtual pre-recorded ceremony today, the U.S. Space Force executed numerous organization changes in its first realignment actions to transition from the previous Air Force major command structure into the new service’s flatter field organization structure announced June 30.

When fully implemented, the field organization will consist of three echelons of command named field command, delta or garrison depending on focus, and squadron, eliminating one general officer echelon and one O-6 echelon of command.

“Today we take action, an important and significant step, towards the development of a 21st century service purpose-built to achieve speed, agility, and unity of effort,” said Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, chief of space operations, in the recorded video. “This ceremony highlights the most significant restructure of space units since the establishment of the Air Force Space Command in 1982.”

In the ceremony, the Space Force inactivated three space wings and eight lower echelon commands, and in place activated Space Training and Readiness Delta Provisional, two garrison commands and eight mission deltas.

“The United States Space Force is being structured to organize, train, and equip a lean and agile force spreading the responsibilities across the future units to more quickly enable space ...

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