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Women in Astronomy

CSWA Resources for Astronomers

21 Jul 2020, 19:00 UTC
CSWA Resources for Astronomers
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In order to use our time effectively during the CSWA Meet and Greet panel at the 2020 Summer AAS Meeting, we conducted a survey to see what topics we would discuss. There were 14 concerns about being (or knowing) a woman and/or underrepresented minority in astronomy or planetary science (or another STEM field) that our respondents could choose. The top 10 concerns are listed below. The CSWA wanted to make sure that the community is aware of the resources available to them to approach some of these issues and others. Links to the relevant resource pages or blog posts are provided below if available. Unconscious biases on abilities (based on who may or may not have "more" to contribute), 68.7% of the votes According to our website “More concrete obstacles having been overcome, this issue may be one of the most important obstacles to women's professional success today.” It would appear our survey respondents back up this claim. Work-life balance, Imposter syndrome, and inequities in the workplace, 66.7% of the votes Imposter syndrome is grouped in with unconscious bias on our website. Although it is thought of as mainly a women’s issue, men report feeling like imposters as well. Our ...

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