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New NASA Lunar Tech Funding Opportunity for U.S. Universities

20 Jul 2020, 20:31 UTC
New NASA Lunar Tech Funding Opportunity for U.S. Universities
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An astronaut descends the ladder to explore the lunar surface. (Credit: NASA)

WASHINGTON (NASA PR) — NASA’s new lunar surface technology research (LuSTR) opportunity seeks U.S. universities’ ideas to advance technologies needed for sustainable operations on the Moon. Via the solicitation, NASA will fund lunar technology development and accelerate the readiness of systems and components.

“NASA has a rich tradition of engaging talented teams at universities to develop groundbreaking, novel capabilities,” said Walt Engelund, the deputy associate administrator for programs in NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD). “LuSTR will continue that tradition, emphasizing technologies for the Moon in the near-term.”

LuSTR targets technology areas to support NASA’s Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative and the Artemis program. In its inaugural year, LuSTR seeks proposals relating to in-situ resource utilization and sustainable power systems. Six topics, relating to these two lunar capabilities, describe the types of proposals NASA is requesting.

Generating products with local materials on the Moon – a practice called in-situ resource utilization – will require new technologies. The 2020 LuSTR solicitation asks universities to propose innovations related to the following topics:

Advanced techniques for extracting and processing of water from lunar soil, or regolith. Maturing these technologies will help NASA ...

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