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17 Jul 2020, 10:58 UTC
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Following the posting on the CBET 4811 & 4812 about the NOVA RETICULI 2020 we performed some follow-up of this object through a TEL 0.1-m f/3.6 astrograph + CCD located in the Heaven's Mirror Observatory, Australia (MPC code Q56) and operated by Telescope Live network.On images taken on July 16.82, 2020 we can confirm the presence of an optical counterpart (with R-filtered magnitude about +4.5; B-filtered magn. +5.6; V-filtered magn. +5.6) at coordinates:R.A. = 03 58 29.61, Decl.= -54 46 39.8(equinox 2000.0; Gaia DR2 catalogue reference stars for the astrometry).This transient was discovered by Robert H. McNaught (Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia) as an apparent 5th-magnitude nova on CCD images obtained on July 15.590 UT with a Canon 6D camera and an 8-mm-f.l. f/2.8 lens (at ISO 800). The position is very close to an object listed as "MGAB-V207" in the AAVSO's VSX online database (which gives position R.A. = 3h58m29s.55, Decl. = -54d46'41".2, equinox J2000.0, which calls it a novalike "VY Scl"-type variable with V magnitude range 15.8-18.0).Spectroscopy by E. Aydi et al. (ATel #13867) using the High Resolution Spectrograph (HRS) mounted on the 11m Southern African Large Telescope as part of the SALT Large Science Program on Transients shows a ...

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