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The Astroholic

The Astroholic Explains S02E05 – Is There Life on Mars?

14 Jul 2020, 07:13 UTC
The Astroholic Explains S02E05 – Is There Life on Mars?
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In this episode, we talk about what happens in the shadows around our planet, from the phases of the Moon to why eclipses can turn our satellite blood red!

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ChrisWelcome to a brand new episode of The Astroholic Explains! Today we have a pretty cool episode and we have an extra special guest. extra special guests Please introduce yourself.

JobyHi, I’m Dr. Joby Razzell Hollis

Alfredo CarpinetiHi Joby.

ChrisHey, Joby! Please tell us a little bit about what you do.

JobyOkay, so I’m a NASA postdoctoral fellow at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. And I’m on the science team for the Mars 2020 mission [now called Perseverance] , which will be landing on Mars in early 2021.

Alfredo CarpinetiThat’s very exciting.

ChrisThat’s super exciting. So, one big question, I’m going to ask you to kick this whole thing off today. Is there life on Mars?

Alfredo CarpinetiYou need to take it because I’m dealing with a very much David Bowie approach.

ChrisI was expecting you to sing that

JobySpiders on Mars

Alfredo CarpinetiWell, spiders Mars! Lichens on Mars. There’s everything on Mars.

JobyThe short answer is we ...

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