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Women in Astronomy

Two Body-Problem Series: Navigating the Move

15 Apr 2020, 19:00 UTC
Two Body-Problem Series: Navigating the Move
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Credit: Tod Strohmayer (GSFC), CXC, NASAIllustration: Dana Berry (CXC)This entry in the two-body problem series is an account of one person’s experience navigating the academic track with their partner. For context, the people in the relationship are cisgender and heterosexual. If you would like to contribute your own story to this series, please contact us at wia-blog at lists.aas.org. When did you and your partner meet? What are your backgrounds (educational, social, cultural, etc., for context)? We met in college, in the first few days after freshman orientation. We grew up in different regions of the same US west coast state. We're both white with college-educated parents. Our first interaction was when I asked if he had a car and could drive two friends and me to the store! He kindly agreed, but we wouldn't date for over a year after that. He was two years ahead of me, and majored in engineering; I majored in physics. How many times have you moved together and at what point were you both in your careers? Did you have to live apart during any of those transitions? Were there any difficulties faced and how did you navigate them? Since I graduated from ...

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