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The NASA Worm Logo Returns To Duty

2 Apr 2020, 16:43 UTC
The NASA Worm Logo Returns To Duty
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It is the real deal!— Bettina Inclán (@BettinaInclan) April 2, 2020

OMG after 20 years of forbidden worm logo sightings on NASAWatch it is now back on a rocket. Or is this just a cruel #AprilFools +1 joke @JimBridenstine https://t.co/vES2XIpasx— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) April 2, 2020

Keith's note: Those of you who are long time readers of NASAWatch will recall my old "Worm Watch" feature (I need to go find the files) wherein NASA employees would send me sightings of the officially forbidden logo. Its continued presence - and being featured on NASAWatch - used to drive a certain former NASA Administrator nuts. When an inquiry was circulated about removing it from the front of NASA HQ someone in the NASA IG office told me that they dropped a strong hint that there'd be an investigation. So that worm logo is still there. Of course the worm logo is also on Hubble, the Viking landers, and lots of other spacecraft.

In recent years there has been a resurgence of the worm logo's popularity - it is on clothing and other items now - with a reprint of the original style guide by the logo's designer Richard Danne ...

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