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Live from Mars

The Accidental Astronaut

26 Mar 2020, 05:37 UTC
The Accidental Astronaut
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Just When You Thought It was Safe to Take Off Your Spacesuit….

Welcome back! Let’s stay in and chat for a while…

…Hello spacefriends! It has been a minute. Since we last hung out, I’ve been on the run-in a good way. I’ve been doctoring, mostly.* These days, I help people who have been through terrible accidents and traumas learn to walk and talk and dress and eat: regain as much function as possible before they go back into the world.

My patients are learning how to adapt to the world with their new set of capabilities. It’s what we all do, all the time – as we age, or get injured, or start to carry around a small child – we adapt, adjust, relearn, redefine. What’s most important in life becomes rapidly apparent. The simple ability to stand from sitting, cross a room, wash your hands, eat something, use the restroom…is the easiest sequence of things in the world, until it isn’t. My patient struggle for weeks to regain the ability to do these things. When they leave the hospital, many still need assistance for basic tasks of every living like eating and dressing.

That’s when the ...

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