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Two-Body Problem Series: Priorities Change

10 Mar 2020, 19:00 UTC
Two-Body Problem Series: Priorities Change
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By JoEllen McBride Credit: Tod Strohmayer (GSFC), CXC, NASA Illustration: Dana Berry (CXC) This entry in the two-body problem series is an account of one person’s experience navigating the academic track with their partner. For context, the people in the relationship are cisgender and heterosexual. If you would like to contribute your own story to this series, please contact us at wia-blog at lists.aas.org. A few months ago I spoke with Kim-Vy Tran, a professor of astrophysics at New South Wales University, about her experiences with the 2-body problem. She agreed to have our conversation posted on the blog. It has been edited for clarity and to remove our discussions on being a cat mom. We can share that in a later post (only kidding). Jo McBride: You mentioned that you and your partner have gone through multiple experiences with the 2-body problem. Can you describe that for us? Kim-Vy Tran: I can give you a short summary. That's probably really complicated, as with many of these issues. So my husband is a theoretical physicist, and we met in grad school decades ago. We actually married when I was finishing up. He got his PhD a year ahead of me. ...

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