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The Astroholic

The Astroholic Explains S01E07 – Alfredo Vs Fake Science

5 Dec 2019, 17:00 UTC
The Astroholic Explains S01E07 – Alfredo Vs Fake Science
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In this episode, we answer two listeners’ questions one about Flat-Earthers and one about astrology. Surprisingly, it is not as ranty as you might expect, at least not from Alfredo. No more spoilers, have a listen and get in touch if you have more questions.

Welcome to the Astroholic explains. I’m your host Chris!
And I’m Alfredo, the Astroholic.
This is a podcast where I throw some cosmic conundrums your way
and I try my best to answer them. Let’s get started!
Right. Are you ready for today’s question?
I have no idea…
I am not ready for today’s question!
Oh god…
I’m apologizing in advance,
Who should we stop being friends online with?
So this comes from Alexander DL over in Singapore. He asks: “If you had to defend Flat Earth, how would you start?
Oh, Alex…
I don’t like this question. I absolutely loathe the concept of flat-earth. Actually, no, I don’t loathe the concept of a flat earth. I just can’t stand what it’s become on social media and.. are people trolling? Are they being serious? Are they for real? I think some people are for real, unfortunately. Okay, but this we have to talk about if ...

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