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The Naysayers Are Wrong – We Should Go to Mars

9 Jan 2020, 14:57 UTC
The Naysayers Are Wrong – We Should Go to Mars
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By Dr. Robert Zubrin, National Review, 01.09.20 Fears that water-consuming microbes from the Red Planet would desiccate Earth are absurd.

In a special issue, the last of 2019, the web magazine Quillette deals with the exploration and settlement of Mars. The issue includes contributions from Michael Shermer, Cathy Young, and Michael Solana, all of whom address the question of future governance on the Red Planet. The topic might seem to some to be far-fetched, but it nevertheless provides these able conservative and libertarian writers ample scope to speculate on the always relevant subject of what might be the best principles on which to organize a government anywhere.

So far so good. However, the issue also includes an article - "One Small Step for Man... One Giant Leap toward the Annihilation of All Mankind”, by forensic psychologist Armondo Simon - that, written in earnest, is hands down the most absurd piece ever penned about the purported danger of back contamination from Mars.

According to Simon, humans should not go to Mars because they might return bringing microbes that would consume Earth’s ocean, leaving our home planet bereft of all water.

“So a human steps on Mars and returns to Earth carrying ...

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