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Discovery of TESS Mission’s First Circumbinary Planet

7 Jan 2020, 15:42 UTC
Discovery of TESS Mission’s First Circumbinary Planet
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TOI 1338b is a great catch, a circumbinary world that turned up in TESS data and was announced at the ongoing meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Hawai’i. Ravi Kopparapu (NASA GSFC) describes the discovery process in the essay below. The system lies 1,300 light years out in the constellation Pictor, with the planet transiting the larger star. Dr. Kopparapu’s work on exoplanet habitability is well known to Centauri Dreams readers. See, for example, his How Common Are Potential Habitable Worlds in Our Galaxy?, which ran in 2014. He followed this up with a look at an unusual multi-planet system (Ravi Kopparapu: Looking at K2-72). Analyzing habitable zone possibilities around different kinds of stars, as well as modeling and characterizing exoplanet atmospheres, plays a major role in his research interests. Here Dr. Kopparapu tells us about the new world and the significant role of an intern in its discovery, reminding us that the opportunities for young scientists to make a difference are abundant in this burgeoning field.
by Ravi Kumar Kopparapu

Back in December 2015 a couple of my colleagues, including Dr. Veselin Kostov from SETI Institute (who is now based at NASA Goddard) and Prof. Bill Welsh from ...

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