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Virgin Galactic to Unveil New “Milestone” Next Week

12 Oct 2019, 18:06 UTC
Virgin Galactic to Unveil New “Milestone” Next Week
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On October 16th in NYC we’ll be showcasing the latest milestone in our creation of the world’s first commercial spaceline. Clue – it’s going into space with our Future Astronauts. pic.twitter.com/zRlKUhADWc— Virgin Galactic (@virgingalactic) October 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: My guess is they will unveil the passenger flight suits in some sort of fashion event, probably involving some fashion models. I wonder if Karlie Kloss, who has said her dream is to fly to space, will be there.

Why do I think it’s the flight suit? Ticket holders have been coming in and other of Mojave in recent months to get fitted for the “spacesuit.” There’s not going to be a lot of things going into space with them. And NYC is a major fashion capital.

Chief Pilot David Mackay gave a talk recently here in Mojave. He said passengers will not wear pressure suits, but they will have oxygen masks in the event of an emergency.

If they are unveiling the flight suit on Wednesday, calling it a milestone is a bit of a stretch. The Crew Dragon parachute drop tests, static fire, in-flight abort flight and orbital mission discussed during the briefing at SpaceX headquarters on ...

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