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Women in Astronomy

Nourish Your Noggin

10 Oct 2019, 19:00 UTC
Nourish Your Noggin
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By Michelle Zellner World Mental Health Day has me wanting to express a few thoughts on the subject. In my opinion, we all have some level of mental health issue, just like we all have some level of gluten sensitivity. For those who are celiac, gluten can be life-threatening, while for someone on the opposite end of the spectrum, gluten is not great, but its effects are barely noticeable. It is interesting to me that there is no stigma if you are celiac (being “gluten-free” even elevates one’s status in certain circles), but matters of the mind are not so positively embraced. Here is the secret nobody wants to say out loud: We all have struggles with our internal thoughts. Some have big, demanding challenges, whereas others can manage well with minimal effort. Some people’s challenges with mental health are due to inheriting less than optimal body chemistry, while other’s stem from regular exposure to difficult situations. There are also those with the double whammy of imbalanced nature and less than stellar nurture. This is for sure the most difficult circumstance to work with, but I have witnessed with my own eyes (and ears and heart), the incredible difference in ...

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