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Honing your Hubble Fellowship Application [Repost]

9 Oct 2019, 13:11 UTC
Honing your Hubble Fellowship Application [Repost]
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The NASA Hubble Fellowship Program is an umbrella program that includes the Hubble, Sagan, and Einstein Fellowships. The application deadline this year is November 4, 2019 at 7 PM EDT. In order to help you compile a successful application package, we are reposting this AstroBetter post from 2014. It is an anonymous guest post from two past members of the Hubble Fellowship committee. While the program underwent changes several years ago, the advice is still relevant, and the links have been updated to address the current program.
The NASA Hubble Fellowship Program includes fellowships that are among the most prestigious awards in our field and is worn as a badge of honor throughout an astronomer’s entire career. The program anticipates awarding up to 14 fellowships in 2019 to applicants from around the world to fund a three-year fellowship at a US-based institution. Applying for these fellowships is quite different than any other job application and the following advice is intended to hopefully shed some light on the process, provide realistic expectations, and enable applicants to submit the strongest application possible.
One of the easiest metrics to look at is an applicant’s publications, particularly the number thereof. In 2014, awardees ...

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