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Urban Astronomer

Why did I defend the geocentric model?

8 Oct 2019, 11:20 UTC
Why did I defend the geocentric model?
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In episode eight of the second season, I defend my defense of the Ptolemaic geocentric system of crystal spheres! I hadn't even realized till I started recording that this is our 50th ever episode and I really should be so blown away that I've kept things going this long, but I'm not, somehow? I guess it's just become a habit, and I stopped noticing milestones! But anyway, 50 episodes, I think that's pretty amazing and I'm very proud to have made it this far. I'd like to thank every one of you for sticking with me for this long, and I'd also like to ask you to please let me know what you'd like me to do for the next fifty episodes!
Why I defended the Geocentric system
Today's science explainy bit is not a question that anybody specifically sent to me, but rather something that people are generally quite curious to know: How am I, tireless crusader for the truth, able to justify my constant apparent defense for the old Ptolemaic system of a universe made from crystal spheres centered on the Earth? I think I make a pretty good argument, and you'll find it in this episode.

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