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NASA Awards $2 Million Contract to Astrobotic’s CubeRover Program

3 Oct 2019, 15:50 UTC
NASA Awards $2 Million Contract to Astrobotic’s CubeRover Program
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An artist’s rendition of CubeRover, Astrobotic’s ultra-lightweight modular and scalable commercial rover. (Credit: Astrobotic)

Pittsburgh, Pa. (Astrobotic PR) – CubeRover, an ultralight, rechargeable planetary rover developed by Astrobotic, has been awarded a $2 million NASA Tipping Point contract. The rover, roughly the size of a shoebox and weighing in at under five pounds, can carry its own payloads or team up with other CubeRovers as “scouts” for larger rovers and landers.

The Tipping Point award will provide the final push to bring the CubeRover product line to market. The first CubeRover will fly to the Moon aboard the Peregrine lunar lander on Astrobotic’s flagship mission in 2021, set to be the first by an American-built lander since Apollo.

CubeRover has been developed in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University and the NASA Kennedy Space Center with partial funding from NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research program. Named for its unique modular, scalable design, CubeRover offers a low-cost delivery service to the lunar surface, making the Moon accessible to commercial customers for the first time.

CubeRover is the only rover of the 14 technologies selected by NASA for Tipping Point awards. The awards invest in American aerospace businesses whose products are at ...

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