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Women in Astronomy

AASWomen Newsletter for August 30, 2019

30 Aug 2019, 19:00 UTC
AASWomen Newsletter for August 30, 2019
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AAS Committee on the Status of Women Barbie introduced two new dolls to their Inspiring Women series on Monday: Sally Ride and Rosa Parks. (Credit: Huffpost) AAS Committee on the Status of Women Issue of August 30, 2019 eds: JoEllen McBride, Nicolle Zellner, Heather Flewelling, Maria Patterson, and Alessandra Aloisi This week's issues: 1. AAS Board Reflections: Christine Jones 2. Dr. Martha P. Haynes, Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy at Cornell University, to receive the 2019 Bruce Gold Medal 3. In Support of the Vera C. Rubin Observatory 4. Did this Woman Really Discover What ‘the Universe is Made of’? 5. Rosa Parks And Sally Ride Are Getting Their Very Own Barbies 6. 'Mission Mangal' Tells the True Story of the Women Behind India's First Mission to Mars 7. A 24-year-old entrepreneur was bored in science class – so she started this company 8. Fall research symposium at New York University 9. Younger scientists need better support 10. The Publications Arms Race 11. Female-free speaker list causes PHP show to collapse when diversity-oriented devs jump ship 12. Biased Evaluation Committees Promote Fewer Women 13. More Birthdays Needed for the AAS Wall Calendar 14. Job Opportunities 15. How to Submit to ...

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