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Women in Astronomy

AASWomen Newsletter for August 16, 2019

16 Aug 2019, 19:00 UTC
AASWomen Newsletter for August 16, 2019
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Image credit: NASA/CXC/SAO AAS Committee on the Status of WomenIssue of August 16, 2019eds: Nicolle Zellner, Heather Flewelling, Maria Patterson, JoEllen McBride, and Ale AloisiThis week's issues:1. Happy 100th Birthday Margaret Burbidge!2. Mourning the loss Ph.D. Student José Flores Velázquez3. You can't think outside the box if you're locked inside it4. 4 Hurdles to Successful Salary Negotiation — and How to Tackle Them5. The Scully Effect and the Feminist Future of STEM6. Fermilab promotes science and diversity at Wakandacon in Chicago7. Lancet Editors Reject ‘Manels’ With New Policy8. America's Top STEM Schools For Women9. Job Opportunities10. How to Submit to the AASWomen Newsletter11. How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the AASWomen Newsletter12. Access to Past Issues of the AASWomen Newsletter1. Happy 100th Birthday Margaret Burbidge!From: JoEllen McBride via womeninastronomy.blogspot.comAugust 12 is the 100th birthday of Dr. Margaret Burbidge. Her contributions to the field of astronomy include verifying nucleosynthesis in stars, measuring redshifts to some of the first quasars, and helping develop the Faint Object Spectrograph onboard the Hubble Space Telescope &emdash among many others. In 1971, Margaret Burbidge refused to accept the AAS Council's Cannon Prize because "the prize, available only to women, was in itself discriminatory." The Council's response ...

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