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ZWO ASI120MM Mini Review

9 Aug 2019, 16:45 UTC
ZWO ASI120MM Mini Review
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The ZWO ASI120MM Mini is one of the newest cameras from CMOS camera powerhouse ZWO. It is based on the company’s ASI1 20MM camera, an inexpensive yet extremely popular camera from ZWO, commonly used for guiding and planetary work which produces high-quality results.
The ASI120mm Mini has some of the 120’s functionality removed but is much cheaper than the non-mini version of this camera. It is designed mostly for deep sky or guiding purposes where not much functionality is needed, and it even has an advantage for those who are using it for autoguiding found in its unique body shape.
Technical Specs of ASI120MM Mini
The ASI120MM Mini uses the same sensor as the 120MM however some of its functionality is reduced, as discussed before. It still shares the same sensor as its predecessor, which I will discuss here.
The tech specs that both cameras share are as follows:

A CMOS sensor

The camera includes an AR0130CS CMOS sensor capable of reading out at up to 35 FPS (Mini version). A CMOS sensor is important for cameras like these, along with all planetary cameras as they have high efficiency (closely related to sensitivity), and can read out much faster ...

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