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ZWO ASI1600MM Pro Camera Review

7 Aug 2019, 06:43 UTC
ZWO ASI1600MM Pro Camera Review
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The ZWO ASI1600MM Pro camera is a cooled CMOS sensor based astronomy camera that entered the market in 2016 causing quite a storm. At the time only CCD cameras were thought to be adequate for astrophotography, but the ASI1600 camera in its early revisions changed the minds of astrophotographers worldwide with stunning images not thought to be possible and is the main reason that CMOS astronomy cameras are popular today.
The camera was first released in 2016 and has seen many revisions along its lifetime, at the moment it is most commonly seen in its monochrome, cooled form however there are also color versions available. The camera is seen as a competitor against the KAF-8300 sensor range of cameras which were common before the 1600 came around. Today I will be talking about why this camera has brought astrophotography into a new golden age where anyone can take great images with cameras like the ASI1600MM Pro.
Technical Specs
The camera’s main talking point is that it includes a CMOS sensor, which in the past exclusively were used with smaller cameras mainly intended for planetary where long exposures were unnecessary. The advantage that a CMOS sensor has is that it is ...

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