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Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro Mount Review

1 Aug 2019, 13:17 UTC
Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro Mount Review
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Sky-Watcher’s HEQ5 Pro is one of the most-recommended astrophotography mounts for beginners for good reasons. In fact, it’s the mount I started out with.
The HEQ5 became available in the United States relatively recently, but a slightly altered rebranded version has been available
Sky Watcher HEQ5 Mount
as the Orion Sirius EQ-G for over a decade. However, the HEQ5 Pro has the advantages of customer support for second-hand buyers should you buy the mount used or decide to resell it, and a few other minor upgrades – in my opinion, the white/green paint job also looks better than the Orion black/red.
Technical Specs of HEQ5 Pro
The HEQ5 Pro has a stated weight capacity of 30 pounds for visual use and 24 pounds for astrophotography. I would shave off a third of this capacity and say it’s more like 20 pounds for visual and 16 pounds for astrophotography. Anything much heavier than 20 pounds for visual is going to be shaky and put a lot of strain on the gears, and anything heavier than 16 pounds for astrophotography is going to result in poor guiding and blurry images even with relatively short exposures.
The HEQ5 Pro takes any scope ...

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