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Urban Astronomer

Podcast: Dr Daniel Cunnama

30 Jul 2019, 07:34 UTC
Podcast: Dr Daniel Cunnama
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Welcome to the 3rd episode of the Urban Astronomer Podcast, season 2, featuring Dr Daniel Cunnama. We almost didn't make it this week, thanks to a major technical hitch, but we worked around it and here we are.

If you listened to the last episode, then you're probably expecting this to be an interview episode, featuring Dr Rosalind Skelton of the South African Astronomical Observatory. I spoke to her in June last year and we recorded an interview specifically for this episode. But when I came to actually produce the thing, the recording was gone. The gods of technology turned their back on me and gremlins ate it. So no Ros today. Instead, I was lucky enough to get Dr Daniel Cunama to stand in for her. Daniel also works at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), although in a different role, and I'm very lucky that his recording was still intact! So that's what we'll be playing in this episode, and Dr Skelton will appear in a few weeks in a later episode after we've re-recorded her interview.
Dr Daniel Cunnama
Daniel is the Science Engagement Astronomer at the SAAO. Daniel has a background in computational physics and physics ...

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