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Sky-Watcher ProED 80mm Review

23 Jul 2019, 19:21 UTC
Sky-Watcher ProED 80mm Review
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Sky-Watcher’s ProED series provides fantastic value for the price. While not true ED triplets like some scopes sold for similar amounts, all of the three scopes in the lineup are extremely well-made doublet apochromats and far better than some of the cheap triplets marketed for similar prices. Additionally, a doublet refractor is lighter in weight and thus works better on light-duty mounts compared to a triplet in addition to being easier to transport and set up.
The ProED 80, in particular, is an excellent scope for the beginning astrophotographer, or as a grab n’ go visual instrument.
Overview of Sky-Watcher’s ProED 80
The ProED scopes all use a standard achromatic doublet design with FPL-53 and Schott glass in the lens elements. This results in a scope with rather low chromatic aberration, only detectable on the brightest stars, certainly an improvement over less-expensive ED refractors and of course achromats.
The scope’s slow focal ratio of f/7.5 additionally helps with controlling chromatic aberration, and makes it easy to achieve high magnification without ultra-short focal length eyepieces. For astrophotographic use, the 600mm focal length of the ProED 80 means you can actually go after some stuff besides wide-field objects, albeit not ...

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