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Apollo 11 – Retweeting History

15 Jul 2019, 00:00 UTC
Apollo 11 – Retweeting History
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This week will mark 50 years since Apollo 11 and humanity first stepping foot on another world! I have been a space-geek since I can remember, and as a kid I read or watched anything I could about the Space Race. So I’m really excited to celebrate and reflect on #Apollo50th!

Last week I had the thought: I wonder if anybody will be live-tweeting the Apollo 11 mission in real time? Thanks to some Twitter-friends, I found a couple accounts doing similar things, but nobody had built a “bot” specifically for this purpose. Since I built @Mock_Twain a few years back, I thought this was something I could do!

tl;dr: I did it! Go check out
as it tweets out the entire transmission log in real time!

The Data
The Apollo program had a huge public-outreach presence, from wall-to-wall TV and Radio coverage, to interviews from space. People love experiencing the epic journey in real-time. HAM radio operators were even able to “eavesdrop” on NASA. Thus, it’s not surprising that NASA still makes the transmission logs for Apollo 11 readily available for all to see. They’re a fascinating historical document, and I’d encourage anybody to scroll through them!

It ...

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