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If We Assume

Science and Art Belong Together

8 Jul 2019, 00:00 UTC
Science and Art Belong Together
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A short manifesto today: Are you a grad student who publishes creative stuff online? Have a side hobby/band/interest/gig? GOOD! I want you to know the world needs people like you, and you CAN be an academic AND a creative.

You may find your friends, fellow students, and especially advisors (sometimes inadvertently) give you grief or make you feel guilty about your non-academic outlets. This can particularly be an issue if you’re vocally advertising this creative work online or even «gasp» in person. Know that there’s a TON of other academics out here making videos/pictures/articles/music… and we’re rooting for you!

what gets me out of bed in the morning is a need to create things

I started my blog, If We Assume in 2012, halfway through grad school and at a time when my PhD wasn’t going super duper well. Writing helped me get out of the (very common) 3rd year rut I found myself in. It also became an outlet where I learned real skills, honed my curiosity, my hustle, and in turn made me a better academic! No joke, I think the reason I’m still in astronomy in 2019 is because I took the initiative and built ...

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