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10 Years of my Digital Life

27 Jun 2019, 23:34 UTC
10 Years of my Digital Life
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Today I'm revisiting a topic I've been fascinating (obsessed?) with for many years: my laptop battery (e.g. see past blog posts here, here, here, here...)10 Years of DataI started semi-regularly keeping track of my laptop battery's health using coconutBattery back in 2009, with my big 15" MacBook Pro. Once I figured out how to automate the process myself with cron, I began in late 2012 keeping a record of my battery status every minute I used my laptop. Here is the complete 10-year record of my laptop(s) battery charge capacity:the "cost" of keeping battery data for every minute of use over many years is only a few hundred Mb Comparing Mac BatteriesFor the hardware nerds (incl. me) who are curious how these batteries hold up over many years of daily use, here are all 4 computers' lives overlaid, including the 2016 MacBook Pro (w/ Touch Bar) I am using to write this:Interesting stat: the standard deviation of the capacity data (about a ~14 day rolling mean) is a scant 0.6%!My 2009 MacBook Pro really started to decay at the end of its life (I used it a couple more months past this data). The 2012 Air (red points) was a ...

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