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The Original Rocket Dungeon

Launch report 2019-1

29 May 2019, 15:59 UTC
Launch report 2019-1
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Location: High Ridge ParkWeather: low 90's, wind 0-5, clearTotal flights: Today - 2; YTD - 2Total motors: Today - 0; YTD - 0Motors by class YTD: H2O - 2Well folks, it's been almost a year since I last lit a motor. However, I couldn't resist grabbing a Ginormous Rocket at Costco. I've seen similar products in the past but wasn't inclined to buy one. That was before the grandrocketeers. As far as I can tell it is currently only available at Costco. At a bit over thirty bucks, it seemed like a decent investment.The major components include: A rigid styrofoam lower body that holds the preinstalled water bottle; three foam fins that slide snugly into slots on the body; an inflatable upper body that slips into the lower body; a launcher unit; and, a hand pump. There are also a few more minor parts, including a rubber nose weight that slips over the top of the inflatable body.The resulting rocket stands about 7" tall and is 6.5" in diameter at its thickest. Quite impressive for the kiddos.launch prep includes staking down the launcher, adjusting the tilt with the integral screw down legs, filling the water reservoir, screwing down the pump ...

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