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This Is What Planet Earth’s Ultimate Fate Will Be

15 Apr 2019, 14:01 UTC
This Is What Planet Earth’s Ultimate Fate Will Be
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The Solar System formed from a cloud of gas, which gave rise to a proto-star, a proto-planetary disk, and eventually the seeds of what would become planets. The crowning achievement of our own Solar System’s history is the creation and formation of Earth exactly as we have it today, which may not have been as special a cosmic rarity as once thought. Our planet will persist for a very long time, but just like everything else in this Universe, we won’t last forever. (NASA / DANA BERRY)Beyond the oceans boiling and the death of our Sun, Earth’s ultimate fate won’t be determined until far in the distant future.It took the Universe 13.8 billion years to create planet Earth as we know it, but we won’t last forever.When two bodies crash into one another in space, the resulting collision can be catastrophic for one or both of them. Even though Earth has been struck before and will likely be struck again many times in the future, the odds of such a collision occurring with enough power to destroy our planet entirely is extraordinarily low, even on astronomical timescales. Our planet will meet its demise in another way.(NASA / JPL)Many catastrophic events ...

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