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Urban Astronomer

Robert Ormerod at ScopeX 2018

14 Apr 2019, 10:20 UTC
Robert Ormerod at ScopeX 2018
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Hey everyone, welcome to the 42nd Episode of the Urban Astronomer Podcast, the second episode of 2019, and the final episode of our first season! Today we listen to Robert Ormerod, speaking about his first experience photographing the Northern Lights.

I should have released this episode two months ago, but after my father's sudden death, I decided I'd rather spend the time with my mother and brothers, remembering him, mourning, and healing. There's still a long way to go before we're all back to normal, but I've decided that I'd like to get back into the saddle and resume podcasting.
Robert Ormerod
This episode features the final public lecture in the ScopeX 2018 series, which was presented by Robert Ormerod. Robert is a documentary photographer from Scotland and featured ScopeX in an article he published recently in National Geographic. It shares his interest in amateur astronomers, telescope makers, and other people who spend their time looking beyond Earth. But in this talk, he shares his experiences visiting Iceland to photograph the Northern Lights.
Future of the Podcast
With recent events, I've decided to change how we structure this show. Up until now, we just released episodes as and when they ...

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