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LilacSat-1 (LO-90) Commemorative Competition

13 Mar 2019, 17:30 UTC
LilacSat-1 (LO-90) Commemorative Competition
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The amateur radio satellite LilacSat-1 (LO-90) is expected to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and burn-up later this month. WEI Mingchuan BG2BHC reports a competition is being held to collect telemetry data and make contacts via the satellite.
Contest Period:
March 16, 2019 UTC 00:00 to LilacSat-1 re-entry
Competition Categories:
• Amateur Radio Telemetry Group
• Amateur Radio Communication Group
Competition Goals:
Amateur Radio Telemetry Group:
• Receive and upload as many telemetry packets as possible within a specified time.
Amateur Radio Communication Group:
• Make as many bidirectional QSO as possible and as many grid locator as possible within a specified time.
Scoring strategy:
Amateur Radio Telemetry Group:
• For each successfully uploaded telemetry packet (The score would be count at HIT server), counts 1 point
Amateur Radio Communication Group:
• Exchange information: callsigns and grid locator
• For each bidirectional QSO, counts 1 point. (Dupe QSO with same callsign is not counted as the number of successful QSO)
• For each different number of grids, counts 1 multiplier.
Final results:
• Amateur Radio Telemetry Group: final score = basic point
• Amateur Radio Communication Group: final score = basic point * multiplier
• All telemetry data uploader and ...

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