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Safety First! Getting ready to work on the "Harsh Continent"

15 Dec 2012, 03:00 UTC
Safety First!  Getting ready to work on the "Harsh Continent"
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Sorry that these posts are lagging a bit behind my activity, it's been pretty crazy around here.
In my first post, I told you a little bit about arriving and the science that's being done here in Antarctica and the excitement of arriving and getting swept up in the mix. Now I figured I'd introduce you to a little taste of life out here in the wild white yonder.

To say that "Safety First" is a mantra around here would be a serious understatement. And that's with good cause...as they say, it's a harsh continent. The biggest threat around here (in terms of shear risk) is definitely the extreme weather...after all, that IS why we study this place for astrobiology, all the extremes. It's incredibly dry actually, a desert dressed in white. Weather around here is categorized into just three categories defined by three axes--wind, visibility, temperature--none of those "partly cloudy with a chance of blizzard" for the folks at MCM. Category 3 is what we've had most of the time I've been here, and that's quite typical for the mid-season.
But, good weather is relative... since Condition 3 describes any condition down to wind chill of -75 ...

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