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Looking Back at MU69

8 Feb 2019, 20:49 UTC
Looking Back at MU69 NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI

The New Horizons team released a stunning crescent view of 2014 MU69 today. I love crescent views so much. They mean so much.  You have to be farther from the Sun than a place in order to get a crescent view. New Horizons did it; it's beyond this distant solar system world, as it's beyond so many others.

The photo was from an observation that shows MU69 moving against background stars. That observation has revealed something remarkable and confusing and amazing: MU69's shape isn't that of a snowman, it's flat, like two hamburger patties smushed together. (Yes, "smush" is a technical term.) Who ordered this?? Nobody, that's who.

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