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February 2019 Night Sky Guide – What’s Up In February

31 Jan 2019, 13:08 UTC
February 2019 Night Sky Guide – What’s Up In February
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February 2019 Night Sky Guide. Welcome to the night sky in February. This month brings the promise of crisp clear nights (when it isn’t cloudy of course) and maybe even some snow.

February 2019 is certainly a fantastic month for stargazing. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned stargazer. There is something for all. This guide is suitable those with zero experience upwards.

Read on to find out even more about the night Sky in February 2019.

February 2019 Night Sky Guide

Evening Planets

Mars is still the only prominent planet in the evening sky this month. The red planet is now far past its best but is still very bright and obvious in the south western sky.

Neptune and Uranus are visible in a small telescope or good binoculars. You will find a star map or astronomy app rather useful in finding them.

On the evenings of 12 and 13 February 2019 the planet Uranus can be spotted with binoculars very close to Mars. This encounter is one of those rare occasions where we use a very obvious object to find a difficult one. Uranus is usually out of reach to everyday stargazers, but on the 12 and ...

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